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Professional Self-taught Creative visual artist using unique methods to make photos stand out. Specializing in Product, Event, Real Estate, Corporate & Commercial portraiture photography

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John Sinclair is a creative photographer who always thinks of distinct ways to help photos stand out. John has taken numerous photos of Empowered Indoor Cycling Studio using various lighting and special effects. For instance, he recently had the idea to incorporate fog into a shoot which created a truly unique look. In addition to his artistry, he is easy to work with and displays an enthusiastic sense of humor and patience. We are very grateful for John!

Jocelyn DeMaio & Neil Parisi
Co-Owners of Empowered Indoor Cycling Studio


John was fantastic! He was dedicated and professional from the start, you couldn’t ask for a more hands-on and involved photographer. The pictures he took of my murals are simply amazing! It was wonderful working with him, I could not have asked for a better photographer.

Adrienne Davis
(Founder And Owner Of Power Chic)

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